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Point Network Demo

How to run the Point Network Demo using Docker Compose#

The demo setup consists of three Point Network nodes running in a separate containers, a dev blockchain node running a test network (currently the ganache-cli is used), and a Point Network contract deployment script running in a dedicated container.

To run the demo, one should firstly install docker and docker-compose on their host system. To start the demo, run:

docker-compose up -d

Once the compose is up, the Point Network contracts deployment will start. Unless the contracts get deployed, the Point Network nodes waits for the contract addresses to appear. As soon as the addresses obtained the nodes get started. At this point you may deploy the demo websites via the following command:


Right after the sites are uploaded, one may start the Point Browser using web-ext and configure it to use one of the above listed ZProxy ports. The sites will be available at their regular addresses.

Container names and Ports#

Each Point Network node assigned to its own role in the demo. The node roles are:

  • Storage Provider
    • Service Name: storage_provider
    • Container Name: pointnetwork_storage_provider
    • ZProxy port 65500
    • API port: 24680
  • Website Owner
    • Service Name: website_owner
    • Container Name: pointnetwork_website_owner
    • ZProxy port 65501
    • API port: 24681
  • Website Visitor
    • Service Name: website_visitor
    • Container Name: pointnetwork_website_visitor
    • ZProxy port 65502
    • API port: 24682